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One day we all stood in front of a menu in the restaurant without knowing what "COQ AU VIN" is or what a "Chicken Siciliano" could look like. This is all the more important for tourists who, for the vast majority who do not know the extreme diversity of our cuisine, have no idea what a beef bourguignon or sauerkraut is.

We all know that augmented reality is a great tool in the tourism field. With Menu AR customers, the meal menu can be viewed in an augmented reality with a smartphone.


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Customers see the real serving size


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You can watch the dish from all sides in 360 degree mode


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You can see every detail of the dish and its composition


This invention enables the restaurant's customers to view the various dishes offered by the establishment from all angles. You can make your choice more easily and without the risk of unpleasant surprises when the server places the order.

Of course, the 3D models are created from real images of the Dish Concotés on the label. The menus are created using photogrammetry, which takes multiple images of the same object from different angles to recreate it in 3D. So it's not a misrepresentation.

AR menus, an ideal solution for gourmet tourism

The other main interest of this application is to support the decryption of the menus during a trip abroad.

In addition, restaurants can include information such as price, weight and nutritional value of the dishes. Ultimately, this technology will make it possible to create more ecological virtual menus than paper menus.


The user downloads the application Menu AR 

Scans the QR code and sends it to the restaurant page

Selects a section and loads 3D models

Looks at a dish in augmented reality via a smartphone



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